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CareFlight Stretcher Bridge

CareFlight’s ground-breaking Stretcher Bridge System

The CareFlight ‘Stretcher Bridge’ System, a mobile intensive care unit, has played a major role in the evolution of critical care transport systems in Australia...

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HIRT mission 2006

Head Injury Research Trial

The Head Injury Retrieval Trial (HIRT) was a clinical trial designed to test whether the delivery of trauma physician management to accident scenes would improve outcomes for head injured patients...

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PHANTOM research

Shedding Light on the Injured Brain: PHANTOM Study

CareFlight's PHANTOM (Pre-Hospital Assessment of Noninvasive Tissue Oximetry Monitoring) Project will explore the potential to deliver better care to the individual...

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psychiatric care research

Research explores new ground in remote community psychiatric care

This award-winning research highlighted the lack of research worldwide into the challenges of aeromedical retrieval for agitated and/or incapacitated psychiatric patients ends....

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